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the healthy plate

19 September 2020
Cuisine veggie - vitalité 11h30 à 14h30
(3 heures)

115€ pour deux
offre non cumulable
Chef : Pamela Weber

Put some peps back in your plate and discover the gourmet principles of the healthy plate: delicious plant-based food, nourished with discoveries and satisfaction.


More than ever, our food can be the foundation of our good health and support our immune system along with all the vital systems in our body.


Whether to improve the quality of our lives day to day, to prevent or to heal major illnesses, food contributes to our vitality more than we sometimes want to admit.


Often, we make thoughtless choices because they're easy, giving in to old habits and to a mediocre offering of easily available, poor-quality food.


Pamela Weber, co-founder of NATA and author of two books, will guide you, whether you're making your first steps or falling back in love with the pleasures of knowing about the health-supporting strengths of plant-based diets. She will give you confidence during these anxious times.



getting meat off the plate

30 September 2020
Protéines végétales 19h30 à 22h30
(3 heures)

-10% for NATA card holders
115€ pour deux
offre non cumulable
Chef : Pamela Weber

If you want to reduce or eliminate meat from your diet, you're probably asking yourself some natural questions:


•What to replace it with?

•Where will my protein come from?

•Will it be too bland / complicated / expensive / difficult?

•Will my family accept eating differently?


Come discover the basic plant-based protein products on the market and learn how to turn them into delicious dishes that will help you make the transition to a more fully plant-based diet.


Changing your habits is hard, but not impossible when you're armed with a little knowledge and some techniques! They will support your goal of building your health day by day.