07 March 2020
le mois du Japon 17h00 à 21h00
(4 heures)

-10% with a NATA class card
300€ pour deux
offre non cumulable
Chef : Pamela Weber

In this interactive workshop, we will be exploring the universe of taste with an accent on umami, the latest addition to the basic flavors, joining salty, sweet, acidic and bitter.


In Japanese, "umami" means "delicious," but researchers have isolated the molecule that gives rise to this flavor: glutamates. Naturally occuring in many foods, our tongues have unique taste buds that detect their presence and send a pleasurable signal to the brain.


Come learn more about umami foods and how to use them to boost the flavor of your vegan cuisine. You can click on "More information" to see the menu for the class.