gluten-free baking

03 June 2017
Apprendre à transformer une recette classique 14h00 à 17h30

-10% for yoga class card holders
Chef : Pamela Weber
There's a ton of gluten-free recipes out there nowadays. But what if you have a recipe based on wheat flour and you want to adapt it to create a gluten-free version? Wouldn't it be better to have a deep understanding of the principles at work in baking and be able to use a formula to come up with your own solution? That's the goal of this workshop.
We'll begin with a lecture to understand what gluten is, why so many people want or need to avoid it, how it works in baking and the different issues to consider in transforming a "gluten-full" recipe to a "gluten-free" one!
Once you've mastered the principles of gluten-free baking, you will invent your own recipe for a gluten-free chocolate cake, choosing among the available flours, starches and binders... We will have four different results to try and the differences will further enhance your understanding of what happens in the oven and what your personal preferences are when it comes to cakes!