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Yoga and Meditation

Monday 11 December 2017
12:00Gentle yoga Open to allFrançoise Cappelle60 min
13:15Meditation Open to allFrançoise Cappelle30 min
16:00Hatha Open to allNathalie Ferron90 min
17:45Meditation Open to allPamela Weber30 min
18:30Vinyasa Level 1Pamela Weber75 min
20:00Vinyasa Level 2Derwinn Green90 min
Tuesday 12 December 2017
09:00Vinyasa Levels 1-2Pamela Weber60 min
11:30Vinyasa Levels 1-2Derwinn Green60 min
12:45Hatha Open to allDerwinn Green60 min
17:45Meditation Open to allAnanda Ceballos30 min
18:30Gentle yoga Open to allAnanda Ceballos75 min
Wednesday 13 December 2017
11:45Meditation Open to allElodie Bonnet30 min
12:30Hatha Open to allElodie Bonnet90 min
16:00Vinyasa Levels 1-2Laure Pépin75 min
18:30Foundations Level 1Aloÿs Berdoll60 min
19:45Meditation Open to allAloÿs Berdoll30 min
20:30Hatha Open to allAloÿs Berdoll75 min
Thursday 14 December 2017
09:30Foundations Open to allLaure Pépin60 min
10:45Hatha Open to allDerwinn Green90 min
12:30Vinyasa Levels 1-2Derwinn Green75 min
17:45Meditation Open to allPamela Weber30 min
18:30Vinyasa Level 2Pamela Weber90 min
20:15Deep Relaxation Open to allNathalie Ferron75 min
Friday 15 December 2017
09:00Gentle yoga Open to allAnanda Ceballos60 min
11:30Foundations Level 1Elodie Bonnet60 min
12:45Hatha Open to allElodie Bonnet90 min
18:00Meditation Open to allPamela Weber30 min
18:45Vinyasa Levels 1-2Pamela Weber75 min
Saturday 16 December 2017
09:30Vinyasa Levels 1-2Marie Panier60 min
12:15Gentle yoga Open to allFrançoise Cappelle75 min
13:45Foundations Level 1Catherine Valla60 min
15:00Hatha Open to allDerwinn Green120 min
17:15Meditation Open to allDerwinn Green30 min
Sunday 17 December 2017
10:15Meditation Open to allPamela Weber45 min
11:15Vinyasa Levels 1-2Pamela Weber90 min
13:00Hatha Open to allMarie Panier90 min
14:45Vinyasa Level 1Marie Panier90 min
16:30Gentle yoga Open to allFabien Martin75 min
18:00Foundations Level 1Aloÿs Berdoll60 min
19:15Meditation Open to allAloÿs Berdoll30 min
20:00Hatha Open to allAloÿs Berdoll90 min