the miracle of miso
6 April 2024
CUISINE : Japanese miso
10h30 à 13h30
(180 min)

Chef : Senêt Weber

The cornerstone of Japanese cuisine, miso is a veritable miracle-worker for your health.


Come learn how to make a true, hearty miso soup (not the watery kind served in Japanese restaurants) and learn other ways to use miso in your everyday cooking.


Students will prepare a seasonal menu including appetizers, soup, salad, a main dish and a dessert.  A seated meal will be served at the end of the workshop. Wine is on the house!

69 €
-10% for NATA card holders
120€ pour deux
offre non cumulable
indian sweets
28 April 2024
CUISINE: Indian sweets
14h00 à 16h00
(120 min)

Chef : Pamela Weber

Even if we can't really translate "dessert" into Indian culture, the place of sweets is very important. On festival days, sweets even get a thin, shiny silver or gold coating, perfectly edible, but without impact on the taste.


Because they don't use ovens, Indians prefer sweets cooked on the stove. Almonds, pistachios, cardamom, saffran, vanilla and nutmeg are common flavors in creams or other sweet bites.

49 €
-10% with a NATA card
85€ pour deux
offre non cumulable