prenatal yoga


Prenatal yoga classes support pregnant women on the physical level, but also on the emotional and psychological levels.


Whether you’ve already done lots of yoga or whether this will be your first experience of the practice, you will share the stages of your pregnancy with other women and benefit from the specialized training of the teacher.



When should I start ?


It depends on the woman.


Some like to wait until the start of the second trimester, when morning sickness tends to calm down and the risk of miscariage is lower.


Others, feeling good and strong in their body and happy in their pregnancy, want to start as soon as they know they’re pregnant.



Still others, who already practice yoga and know a number of postures, prefer to continue in their regular yoga class until the size of the belly makes it uncomfortable. Women in the later stages of pregnancy particularly appreciate the time and place given for each pose and exercise in a prenatal class.


There’s no one rule:

each woman and each pregnancy is unique.


Practicing yoga during pregnancy is a way to take care of your body, to prepare for the birth experience and to connect with your baby. It’s also precious time to take for yourself, to ask questions and to share your tips, solutions and good addresses with the other women in the group.


Nos professeurs

Elodie Bonnet

Trained in pre- and postnatal yoga at the Institut de Gasquet in Paris, and having given birth to her own child, Elodie has designed yoga classes especially for pregnant women.


Prenatal yoga takes a global approach to pregnancy, listening carefully to the body and creating time and space just for baby and you.


De Gasquet’s method is a true path to childbirth that helps soothe the « mechanical and functional » problems that can arise during pregnancy and after birth. You will practice postures and breathwork that will increase your well-being during pregnancy and to achieve deep relaxation and better recovery after birth.


Elodie will accompany you throughout the different phases of your pregnancy to help you find serenity in maternity and to make space for your baby, both literally and figuratively, all while taking care of yourself.