prenatal yoga


Yoga classes support pregnant women on the physical level, but also on the emotional and psychological levels.


While we don't currently offer any dedicated prenatal classes, we welcome women in all stages of pregnancy in our gentle yoga, Yin yoga and Hatha yoga classes.


All of our teachers are used to working with pregnant women and can help you with any modifications based on where you're at with your pregnancy.


If you've practiced a dynamic style of yoga for over one year, our Hatha Flow and Vinyasa classes may be an option for you after checking with the teacher. You can contact us to talk it over.



When should I start ?


It depends on the woman.


Some like to wait until the start of the second trimester, when morning sickness tends to calm down and the risk of miscariage is lower.


Others, feeling good and strong in their body and happy in their pregnancy, want to start as soon as they know they’re pregnant.


There’s no one rule:

each woman and each pregnancy is unique.


Practicing yoga during pregnancy is a way to take care of your body, to prepare for the birth experience and to connect with your baby.

Nos professeurs

Elodie Bonnet

Trained in pre- and postnatal yoga at the Institut de Gasquet in Paris, and having given birth to her own child, Elodie has many years of experience working with pregnant women.


She approaches yoga during this special time as a global approach to pregnancy, listening carefully to the body and creating time and space just for baby and you.


Elodie will accompany you throughout the different phases of your pregnancy to help you find serenity in maternity and to make space for your baby, both literally and figuratively, all while taking care of yourself.