yoga basics
23 September 2023
Atelier: Beginning a yoga practice
16h30 à 18h30
(120 min)

Animateur : Pamela Weber

It takes some courage to be a beginner in yoga!


You have to confront your fears about your body, what it can do, how stiff or blocked it might be.


There's a strange vocabulary that you don't really understand.


You see images circulate online or in the media and you think to yourself, "I could never do that!" Or, "I'm not flexible enough to do yoga."


But, think again.


Yoga is for everyone. You don't have to force your body into a pose, you use the pose to enter your body.


Pamela Weber, founder of NATA, will demystify yoga and go over the basics to help you get started with more confidence.

40 €
or 2 hours on your NATA card
75€ pour deux
offre non cumulable