Sophie Colombié

Sophie has been teaching postural yoga since 1998, always with enthusiasm and amazed by the vitality, movement and good health that results.


Her training in yoga took place in many studios, assimilating different techniques (Peter Goss, Iyengar Paris, Sivananda....) and over the course of twenty-plus trips to India, Nepal and Bhutan.


Her teaching is rigorous, joyful and optimistic, and is supported by her studies of anatomy. The body likes it when we dive in and start working with it sincerely.


Since 2020, she has been collaborating with Christophe Luxereau, aquatic educator and coach, to design workshops on "Yoga for swimmers," aimed at high-level athletes.


Her exploration of yoga pedagoy is the reflection of her life experience, which has been open to many bodily disciplines. She trained in massage and began practicing in 2003; she also trained in meditation (Buddhist and Vipassana retreats), and ayurvedic medicine. She's also interested in somatic techniques such as Feldenkrais, Alexander, BMC), which have become important tools to refine her work and enrich her classes.


Dance, and  more particularly spontaneous composition, has also become of the pieces of her research into body and movement. She is currently doing professional training with the "Corps Sismographe" group, which is helping to cement an exploration of the body as a somatic sensibility.


Sophie is also interested in pre- and post-natal yoga (trainings with Bernadette de Gasqeut and Blandine Calais-Germain), which requires focused attention and unending adjustments. The deep and intense work of this type of yoga, integrating the perineum, the organs, the diaphragm and the ways they collaborate in a strong, flexible, comfortable, stable body have progressively become the central axis of her practice and teaching.


When she's not in the yoga studio, you can find Sophie in the dance studio or in her massage studio in Paris' 11th arrondissement. But always in connection with the body, sensations, breathing; a physical, somatic and imagined body, connected to life, to animal and plant worlds. A joyful body, sensitive, creative, vibrating.


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