Grégory Narboux

A former automotive engineer, Gregory was always fascinated by how human nature worked.


He first developed a deep practice of the martial arts before discovering yoga in 2017. He found it deepened his existing practices and awareness and eventually decided to pursue advanced training in yoga.


Drawn to Vinyasa, which seemed a logical extension of the movement-based martial arts, he completed his first two-year teacher training with Mira Jamadi (2018-2019).


He recently completed teacher training in Yin Yoga with Cécile Roubaud et Valentina Duna (2022) in order to deepen his understanding of release and letting go.


The culture of yoga also drew him to ayurveda, and he completed a training in ayurvedic massage in 2020 with Vanessa Gheorghiu.


In his teaching, Gregory combines tradition yogic meditation and postural practices with energetic practices drawn from the martial arts, inspired by both yogic and Taoist philosophy. He remains deeply interested in human functioning and continues to enrich his exploration of human nature with Qi Gong, Kung Fu and of course yoga.


Today, Gregory offers a practice adapted to every body, teaching yoga and Kung Fu in a variety of centers.


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