Elodie Bonnet

After more than ten years working in Paris as a marketer for French cosmetics companies, Elodie wanted to change her everyday life and give new meaning to her life.


She left for a world tour in 2008 with her husband and two-year old son; it was an incredible experience and a beautiful interior voyage as well...


It was in Thailand that she first studied Buddhism, meditation and the art of Nuad Boran (traditional Thai massage). She has participated in several vipassana retreats in India and in France.


In India, she did her first yoga teacher training at an ashram in the Sivananda tradition. Since her return to Paris, she has been deepening her practices as well as sharing them through teaching. She returned to India in 2023 for an intensive Bhakti Yoga (Devotional Yoga) training.


Today, her yoga teaching is a reflection of her experiences. Her various "travels" through different styles, schools and disciplines have enriched her understanding of the practices.


She organizes her classes around the pillars of respect for tradition joined with a contemporary vision, working on conscious movement, concentration, precision, alignment, breathing, posture, flexibility and coordination.