Derwinn Green

Professional dancer-actor and yoga instructor, passionate about health and well being for years, Derwinn Green was drawn to the practice of yoga, not only as a philosophy that stems from the physical body, but also as a way of life.  In 2004, during his university studies in dance pedagogy and theater, he began to practice Iyengar yoga with Janet Lilly. He later completed a professional hatha yoga teaching certification under the tutelage of Christophe Millet (Ecole du Souffle, La Rochelle, France) and shortly thereafter, a complementary certification program in « Yoga for Seniors » at the International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Center. In addition to dance and yoga, he is also a certified calisthenics instructor, CQP ALS AGEE (Calisthenics Training and Body Expression) through the French organization Sports pour Tous. Since 2011, he has taught yoga and meditation to diverse publics, both in group and private sessions. He also animates themed workshops.


"In a friendly and non competitive atmosphere, I will guide you through a soft but dynamic practice, while always respecting tradition. My classes are structured as a progression, a « work in progress » with a contemporary approach that addresses all persons, regardless of mobility. The goal of a posture is to place the body in an anatomical position that will stimulate and balance one or several functions of the body-mind. If a posture is executed correctly, each participant will be able to receive the same benefits, regardless of their level of flexibility or degree of strength."


His classes will help you:

• Effectively control and diffuse energies by using respiratory exercises

• Create harmony in your body with the execution of postures

• Refine your perceptions, enhance your mobility and improve your muscle tone

• Increase your range of motion via a complete, integrated approach