Pamela Weber

Pamela Weber, one of NATA's co-founders, has been practicing yoga since 2001.


She did her first two-year vinyasa yoga teacher training with Gérard Arnaud in Paris from 2001-2003, followed by a second program in the United States with Tom Gillette of Eyes of the World Yoga in Providence, RI from 2008-2009.


She gives classes in Hatha Flow, Hatha, Gentle yoga and Meditation.


She tends to give a teaching at the beginning of each class drawn from the rich history, philosophy and culture of yoga. She then works with the breath to establish a strong connection to this vital life force before moving into posture work.


Her eight years as a university professor gave her a vast grounding in pedagogy more generally, which she brings to her yoga teaching in Paris.


In 2021, Pamela went back to school to begin a second Master's degree in Asian Studies at the École de hautes études en sciences sociales. She is preparing a thesis on the lineage of a twentieth-century yoga guru from Gujarat, Swami Kripalu.


You can watch a video she made of a lecture she gave about her current research in May, 2023.