Pamela Weber

Pamela Weber, one of NATA's co-founders, has been practicing yoga since 2001. She did her first two-year vinyasa yoga teacher training with Gérard Arnaud in Paris from 2001-2003, followed by a second program in the United States with Tom Gillette of Eyes of the World Yoga in Providence, RI from 2008-2009. She gives vinyasa classes in English and French, as well as meditation classes in the mindfulness tradition of Thich Nhat Hanh, whose teaching she encountered in Washington D.C. in 2002. A bout of recurring sciatica after a ski accident in 2009 inspired her to deepen her study of spinal, hip, and leg anatomy, leading her to create the Foundations classes. In them, she takes the time to look carefully at the details of each posture, studying variants and adaptations, and creating a better understanding of one's possibilities and limits. Her eight years as a university professor gave her a vast grounding in pedagogy more generally, which she brings to her yoga teaching in Paris.