yoga and meditation



Curious to discover the experience of yoga?



NATA's team of certified yoga and meditation instructors will guide your exploration of the well-documented benefits of yoga.



Our classes draw from the full range of yoga techniques and practices, including:


• posture work

• breathing exercises

• mantra and sound work

• relaxation

• meditation



We offer a contemporary approach to traditional yoga open to all, adapted to an urban lifestyle.



Our airy studio is a welcoming and soothing place to practice. Please bring your own mat or a cloth to cover our loaner mats.



Our classes start and end on time, so please show up early to check in, change in our locker room, and get your mat and props set up. 



pratical considerations


Reserve your place in class!


Yoga schedule for classes in the studio


Online yoga for live, virtual classes



The first time you come, you will pay

the sample class rate.



After that, you can continue to take classes on a drop-in basis, or purchase one of our class cards for better rates. See the Prices page for more information.



Some of our classes are taught at different levels.


Level 1 = beginners


Level 1-2 = a mixed levels class


Level 2 = people familiar with yoga and in good general physical condition



Our classes start on time. Latecomers are not admitted to a class already in progress.

Thank you for your understanding.


sound bath

Discover the incomparable experience of a deep relaxation, guided by the soothing sounds and vibrations of a variety of traditional instruments. Both soothing and healing, sound baths have grown in popularity over the past few years. We are proud to offer them at NATA beginning in September 2020.

hatha yoga

Combinations of traditional postures at a moderate pace. Regenerate the spinal column and strengthen muscles. Decrease joint stiffness. Stretching, breathing exercises, mental concentration. Awaken all of your senses in a physical practice that respects your limits.

hatha flow

Halfway between classical Hatha and contemporary Vinyasa, a Hatha Flow class draws from the pool of traditional yoga postures and introduces fluid movement linked to the breath. Uniting care and intensity, Hatha Flow classes tend to have a longer warm-up. You will strengthen the body carefully and deeply, avoiding speed in order to go deeper into the heart of the movements.

vinyasa yoga

Dynamic flow that links postures together at a sustained pace. Agility and even-handed development of the entire body. Flexbility of the spine, increase lung capacity. Oxygenation and detoxification of the blood. Weight loss possible with regular practice.

gentle yoga

A slow and meditative practice with postures for everybody, including those suffering from arthritis or back pain. Gentle yoga encourages interiority, concentration on the breath and bodily sensations. Postures are approached more through the lens of release than through effort. Please speak with your teacher before the class if you have any special conditions or concerns.


A guided practice either seated or laying down. The use of props will help each person find the most comfortable position in which to explore the various techniques that could be proposed (concentration on the breath, concentration on sensation, use of mantra, visualization...). With regular practice, meditation is proven to help reduce stress and anxiety, improve sleep and deepen one's connection to oneself and to others.

yin yoga

The goal in Yin yoga is to slow down and take a meditative approach to postures. Contrary to most styles of yoga, there is no emphasis on muscular development. Students simply hold poses, often longer than in other classes, without seeking necessarily to improve the pose or the experience. For the mind, students learn to accept the various emotions and sensations that arise. Students will work with joints, tendons and ligaments, thus improving flexibility. As with meditation, one learns to listen and thereby know oneself better.

prenatal yoga

Specific postures targeted to accompany you through pregnancy. Emphasis on working with the perineum and preparing the body and mind for childbirth. Take care of Mother and Baby. For more details, visit our dedicated prenatal page.

non-violent communication

Using the teachings of satya (truthfulness), right speech, mindfulness and Non-Violent Communication, this class will explore how to take the values of yoga off the mat and into our daily conversations. Speaking with ourselves and with others, how can we affirm life as it moves through us without harming? Each class will consist in a time of sharing, a teaching, and practical exercises, often done with partners, to develop a new way of communicating to enhance peace and harmony, within and without.

senior yoga

Gentle sessions of poses and breathing exercises in order to recover and maintain strength and flexibility, important factors in overall health and longevity. Lessen spinal deformation, ease the pain of arthritic joints. Improved circulation assists with memory retention. Slow pace. Please speak with your teacher if you have any special questions or concerns.