other activities


We at NATA are thrilled to offer a range of special activities

and events to complement our regular yoga, meditation,

and cooking classes.



Taking a holistic approach to personal, social, and

environmental health, we regularly invite dynamic 

speakers to explore a wide variety of topics,

from anatomical and nutritional science to Asian philosophy,

from history to politics to current events, from culture

and travel to ecology and economics.



We also hold concerts, show movies, host vegan buffets

and more in our Parisian center, according to our inspiration.



Moreover, we like to organize workshops, weekend and

week-long retreats in the Paris region, in France or abroad.


Check out the schedule of our other activities to find out

what we've got in the works!

visit to the guimet museum

Exhibition "Yogis, Ascetics, Sufis"

Guided visit with Pamela Weber

Saturday April 30 • 11:00 a.m.


The Musée Guimet is offering an important new exhibition that will mark a turning point in our understanding of how the figure of the yogi and the ascetic lifestyle played into the Indian visual imagination over the centuries. Pamela Weber, founder of NATA, Ph.D. in art history and currently enrolled in Masters of Asian Studies program on the History of Yoga at l'EHESS in Paris, will guide you through the exhibition with a small group (10 people max).