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easy homemade seitan

2 December 2017
18:00 Du fait maison, sur mesure ! 3h

-10% for NATA card holders
Chef : Senêt Weber

A common meat substitute made from wheat gluten, seitan made at home is easy and low-cost. You'll avoid industrial, overly processed and high-sodium products and add a great plant-based protein to your repertoire.


You will learn how to make the basic recipe of seitan and then see how it can be adapted into different preparations.


IMPORTANT : This workshop is not suitable for people who are gluten-intolerant.

Meet the chef!

Senêt Weber has been studying three disciplines that come from the traditions of Chinese and Japanese medicine : shiatsu, macrobiotics and do-in. He studied for over ten years with Michio Kushi, leader of the macrobiotic movement in the 1970s and 1980s and translated Kushi's text on Oriental Diagnosis into French in 1982. Senêt has also been practicing yoga for over forty years, studying first with Jean Rofidal in his native Geneva, then with Gérard Arnaud in Paris. At NATA, he has been giving cooking classes on the fundamental ingredients for healthful cooking : miso, beans, seitan, sea vegetables...) and also on seasonal specialities (mushrooms, chestnuts...) since 2014.

food & chinese medicine

3 December 2017
11:00 Saveurs et santé 5h30

-10% for NATA card holders
Chef : Marie Suy


Chinese medicine is based on the principles of nourishing our life energy (chi or qi) as it moves through our vital organs. It helps to boost and harmonize our life force and maintain balance through a healthy diet.


In this final session of the seminar, you will learn to master the cooking techniques of traditional Japan, associating them with fresh local ingredients to prepare a complete, balanced meal. This practice will show you how easy it is to incorporate this approach to food and cooking into your everyday life. You will also learn how to wash and cut vegetables to preserve their appearance, to harmonize how they cook and to maintain their energetic properties.


The time spent enjoying the meal is a moment of deep connection with yourself and your senses, where body, spirit and breath are united.

vegan holiday desserts

9 December 2017
15:00 Gourmandises à partager ! 3h

-10% for NATA card holders
Chef : Pamela Weber

Let's bring ethics and pleasure together this holiday season! These desserts are so delicious and full of flavor, no one will miss the eggs, cream or butter. You'll have a light body and mind, even after indulging in a second helping!

Meet the chef!

Pamela Weber, founder of NATA and author of two books : Yoga Food (2016) and Renouer avec le rhytme des saisons (2017), has been practicing yoga since 2000 and teaching since 2002. Alongside her posture work came the study of vegetarian and macrobiotic cooking. Her culinary training comes primarily from the Kushi Macrobiotic Institute in Massachusetts and the Natural Gourmet Institute in New York City. She has been giving cooking classes at NATA since it opened in 2014. In August 2017, she completed a certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition at Cornell University (USA).