prenatal yoga

Many woman come to yoga for the first time when pregnant as a means to connect with themselves and their developping baby, to share the experience of pregnancy with other women, to get advice from the instructor and to practice postures that work the body gently, helping to ease the aches and pains that can come along with a growing belly.


In NATA's prenatal yoga classes, specific, targeted postures will accompany you through the various stages of your pregnancy. Emphasis on working with the perineum and preparing the body and mind for childbirth. Take care of mother and baby starting in the second trimester.

Our professors

Maeva Morin

Maeva did her pre- and postnatal training at the Institut de Gasquet in Paris. Her classes will soothe aches and pains that can emerge throughout pregnancy (backaches, “false sciatica”, sleep issues, circulation, digestive problems).


Prenatal yoga is also a precious ally to learn how to breathe and how to use the breath during the birth experience. She also concentrates on the pelvic floor in order to strengthen this particularly-taxed zone.


Maeva offers holistic accompaniment (physical and mental) at the service of both future mom and baby. She will help you manage your emotions in flux with hormonal changes, learning to face the anxieties that come up. She will also help you feel the deep bond between you and your baby through relaxation and meditation.

Elodie Bonnet

Trained in pre- and postnatal yoga at the Institut de Gasquet in Paris, and having given birth to her own child a few years ago, Elodie has designed yoga classes especially for pregnant women.


Prenatal yoga takes a global approach to pregnancy, listening carefully to the body and creating time and space just for baby and you.


De Gasquet’s method is a true path to childbirth that helps soothe the « mechanical and functional » problems that can arise during pregnancy and after birth. You will practice postures and breathwork that will increase your well-being during pregnancy and to achieve deep relaxation and better recovery after birth.


Elodie will accompany you throughout the different phases of your pregnancy to help you find serenity in maternity and to make space for your baby, both literally and figuratively, all while taking care of yourself.